Our Vision

Inspired by and connected to the Church of England's own vision for education leading to ‘a life in all its fullness', the St Paul’s Vision sets out how we hope to achieve that in this place. It sets out our core values as a Church of England Primary School.

Fountain of Life

For with you is the fountain of life; in your light we see light.


We are a place which holds open hands to God’s generous offering of living water to all people; 

Recognise & Illuminate 

Inspired and strengthened by God’s love for us, we recognise and illuminate the goodness in others;

Way of Life

We care for, honour and protect all God’s children in this place;

All God’s Children

We follow the teaching and example of Jesus Christ as we live out our daily lives;

Reaching out to others

   We reach out to others help them to flourish in their own journey to the fullness of life;


 We are devoted, through the Grace of God to live in the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.